Ron Egatz is an award-winning poet, and author of Beneath Stars Long Extinct, published by Red Hen Press. “I like talking to creative people,” says Egatz, who was first smitten with photography when, at six years old, used a Kodak Pocket Instamatic to photograph President Gerald Ford. His next camera was a Minolta XG-M, which made him consider a career as a pro shooter. Ultimately, music and literature won out, although he still shoots regularly. When not speaking to photographers for the Profoto blog, he runs Camber Press, and works on his exhaustive documentation of the sewers of his favorite city, Paris. He lives in a Hudson River loft. His biggest regret is he’s not old enough to have interviewed André Kertész.

Marisa Gertz works at Profoto US. Most days, you’ll find her scouring the web, looking for photographers who have found creative ways to use their gear. Looking back at her first photos, you would have thought she was destined to become a truly awful nature photographer. After moving to NYC she was, thankfully for all of us, dissuaded. Now, she enjoys collaborating with other artists, shooting with unconventional cameras, and eating unconventional foods.

Fredrik Franzén had previously dabbled in teaching, journalism and copywriting before he started working at Profoto. He discovered his love for photography fairly late and continues to approach each story and each photographer with the curiosity of a seven-year-old. When not writing or stealing time from busy photographers, Fredrik enjoys hanging out with his friends and family, making music, playing video games and jogging along the waterlines of Stockholm while listening to songs that his girlfriend consider to be weird.

Ian Ruhter is an American photographer who rediscovered his passion for the art and craft when he started experimenting with strobes and wet plates. He is now traveling around his home country (in a truck that also functions as his custom-built pinhole camera), photographing the places he visits and the people who live there in this never-before-seen fashion. Read his monthly article series Silver & Light to follow him on his journey.

Andrea Belluso. Born in Eritrea, raised in Paris, speaking Italian, feeling at home in London and living in Stockholm – photographer Andrea Belluso likes to stay moving. After more than three decades in the industry, Andrea has shot everything and everyone from supermodels and celebrities to fashion and beauty and stock photography. Today, Andrea works as a light shaper evangelist at the Profoto headquarters in Stockholm and writes the monthly article series The Light Shaper. He also shoots the portraits for Behind the Scenes at Profoto.

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