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Profoto Pro-10 captures the World of Japanesque a la Mode

Written by Erina Hayashi on . Posted in Fashion photography

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© Masaaki Tomitori

Profoto’s latest high-end generator Pro-10 is the world’s fastest flash with a breathtaking flash duration of up to 1/80,000 of a second and quick burst of up to 50 flashes per second. Masaaki Tomitori, a Tokyo-based commercial photographer, takes command of this magnificent flash in a fashion photo shoot for SHOOTING magazine to capture Japanesque from the eyes of a Japanese photographer. Here is a glimpse of the making together with an interview by Tomitori exploring the incredible capabilities of the Pro-10 that truly sets the photographer’s creativity free.

Tomitori is very particular with flash duration when it comes to choosing the perfect flash. “Photographic expression for me is all about blur and bokeh. Before I start to shoot, I think about how much to focus and how much to blur. The beauty of photography lies in the balance between the focused areas and the aesthetic blur. The next thing I consider is duration. How long do I freeze, or blur? Do I keep the body skill and blur the hands? Depth and time are the elements that make up photography, so it comes down to how much depth (by aperture) and time you can add into the image. Instead of perceiving a shoot as a flat image, I cut the image out from a three-dimensional box. This is why I am very interested in flash duration.”

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