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Kyle Cong captures the natural look with Profoto B2

Written by Seth Chandler on . Posted in On location, Portrait photography

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© Kyle Cong


“I like shooting on location,” Kyle says. “My lighting and camera setting are all about blending my strobe lights with ambient. I want the quality of the light that strobes can give and I also want my photos have that natural look.”

The natural look he seeks extends to the way the models pose, with a blend of candid and directed shots. “I found most of my favorite works are the ones captured when the models are not looking at the camera or not even posing or waiting for me to take the shot,” he says.

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D2 keeps powder shoot up to speed

Written by Seth Chandler on . Posted in Videos

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With bodies and powder flying through the air, Bahrain-based photographer Ali Alriffai was able to get the perfect exposure again and again at 14 fps, thanks to the fast recycling time of the Profoto D2.

To get his stunning images, Ali dressed skydivers from Gravity Bahrain in casual clothes and had them jump on a powder-covered trampoline. “It was incredibly fun to play with powder and trampoline, and the skydivers can control their body movements in mid-air,” he says. “So when they saw the first few results on the camera’s screen, they changed their body shapes to create a feeling of dancing in the air. I could not have done this right without their professional flying experience!”

Using a Canon EOS 1D-X Mark II shooting 14 frames per second and a 70-200mm lens, he positioned two Profoto D2 monolights at the trampoline from high angle. The key light was on the camera’s right covering the set, with a Profoto Umbrella Deep White XL and a diffuser to protect the head from the powder. On the left side, Ali used a Profoto RFi Softbox 2×3’ at much lower power just to fill the models’ feet.

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Trial by Fire: Brian Smith shoots a fire eater during the golden hour

Written by Seth Chandler on . Posted in Behind the Scenes at Profoto

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© Brian Smith


Whenever Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Brian Smith works with new equipment, he likes to put it to the test in the field. Recently, he tried out Profoto’s new Sony-compatible Air Remote TTL-S by photographing a fire-breather on location in the limited window of the golden hour before sunset.

“When I’m trying something new, I want to test the limit, throw in a few variables that I can’t control—like fire,” says Brian, whose Pulitzer came from photographing the Olympics, a world in which fractions of seconds mean everything.

“Things often work flawlessly in the studio and then you go out on location and find out what the problems are,” he notes. “Photography is easy when the stars align. The trick is to pull it together when it looks like a disaster.”


To get his images, Brian used three Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flashes, one light with the OCF Beauty Dish White above facing the subject from slightly above and two B1s with Profoto Zoom reflectors and ½ CTO gels behind the subject. He and fire eater Cirque Bishop started by doing some test runs to get the framing right and get some ideas for different options.

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Improvisation in Iceland with the help of Profoto B1

Written by Seth Chandler on . Posted in Off-camera flash, On location, Videos, Wedding photography

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Hong Kong based wedding photographer Muse Chan travels the world with his Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash, and many Profoto light-shaping tools. In Part II of the story, he tells us more about how he works and how he shot mystically beautiful images on location in Iceland—and coped with unexpected setbacks.

Iceland, which is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination, provides spectacular settings for photography, which is why Muse Chan has chosen it for several pre-wedding photo shoots.

“I find Iceland mysterious,” Muse says. “Its terrain and spectacular nature resembles a newborn earth. Iceland does not have dense human constructions, enabling people to enjoy the very heart of nature.”

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Sue Bryce creates her own natural light with the Profoto B1

Written by Seth Chandler on . Posted in #ProfotoTakeover, Portrait photography, Videos

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Los Angeles-based portrait photographer Sue Bryce has spent decades creating contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture that makes everyday women look like Vanity Fair fashion models. And she built an international reputation using natural light almost exclusively. Recently, though, she has fallen in love with the Profoto B1.

“When I first started shooting portraits 27 years ago, I used softboxes and vaseline on the lens and soft vignettes,” Sue recalls. “But the modern turn was removing the old style studio lights leaving the 80s behind and developing a natural light look.

“Then, for more than 20 years, my whole business has been built around shooting portraits inside but around a window and around window light,” she explains.

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