Tim Flach: A Walk on the Wild Side

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Battery-powered Flash

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Springer and Pheasants | ©Tim Flach

Shooting animals is one of the toughest assignments a photographer can get. For Tim Flach, however, it is not only a full-time profession, but also a creative expression and a forum for debate.

The extraordinary thing about Tim’s images is how they make you think and feel in equal measure. He is rarely as interested in explaining things as he is eager to ask questions, and the animals he depicts usually come across as both wild and strangely humanlike.

“I suppose humans don’t tend to pee or shit in the studio quite so often,” says Tim. “But when it comes to lighting the set and stylizing the picture, I often use the same methods as any portrait photographer would. I’m interested in the human aspect and the human space that animals occupy. That’s why.”

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Marcus Bell: Feeling Special on a Special Day

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©Marcus Bell

Being rewarded for your efforts is a nice thing. Marcus Bell was recently reminded of this, when he made it on to American Photo’s prestigious list Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World.

“It’s an amazing honor,” says Marcus. It’s like our own little Oscar’s for wedding photographers. I’m really excited!”

Marcus has earned his stripes. In fact, he has been working as a wedding photographer for more than 13 years, but judging from his palpable enthusiasm, the job has just gotten better by the years.

“I don’t even think of myself as a wedding photographer,” says Marcus. “Still, that’s what I end up photographing most of the time, because it’s what I love. As a wedding photographer, you get to be a part of all these amazing moments when people celebrate with their family, their friends and the people they love. There’s so much emotion. It’s like a treasure chest for a photographer, really.”

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