On-location photography in the Alps

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Portrait and editorial photographer Francesco Ridolfi is just as acquired with fine art projects as he is with commercial photography. Recently he got commissioned by König to do a campaign shoot in the Alps. So he filled his car with some Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flashes, Profoto D1 Monolights, and the BatPac, headed up the snowy mountains, and shot a behind the scenes video of it all.

The whole shoot took a total of three days. The first day was basically just for the trip and a quick location scouting of the place. Day two and three Francesco and his crew did the actual shoot. Since he was photographing in a pretty rough environment he needed equipment he could rely on.

“You don’t want to have any problem when you are on assignment for a client!” Francesco explains.

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How to create natural light with flash

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Lifestyle photographer Adam Angelides’ portfolio is a mix of images shot with flash and images shot with ambient light only. But they all look and feel equally natural. Keep reading to learn how he does it.

Sometimes the ambient light is just perfect. But usually it’s not. It’s too bright. It’s too dark. It’s the middle of the day when you want a glowing sunset.

That’s why we use flash. With flash you’re in full control. If it’s too bright you use it to overpower the sun. If it’s too dark you light up your subject. If it’s the wrong time of day you add an orange color gel and create your own sunset.

The trick is to make it look natural. People should pay attention to the image, not the technique behind it.

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A Dramatic Photoshoot at the Royal Theatre

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The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden is a place like no other. Designed in a gracious Art Nouveau style and constructed in white marble with details in pure gold, the proud 100-year-old is built to impress both kings and queens. The theater houses seven stages where more than 1,000 performances are put on every year. Do the math and you realize it is a very, very busy place.

Enter Klara G, a Swedish photographer with a knack for creating quirky portraits with a classic yet theatrical feel. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Klara started her career as the Royal Dramatic Theatre’s in-house photographer.

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How To Create the Golden Hour With No Sun

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Lin & Jirsa Photography shares their secrets to achieving unique and creative wedding imagery in this behind-the-scenes video series. Learn how they use Profoto Off-Camera Flash to control light to match their creative vision and overcome wedding day challenges. In the first episode Lin & Jirsa share their lighting tips and tricks on how to create the golden hour when there is actually no sun. Watch and learn.

Can you tell the difference between a photo that was taken at golden hour and one used a clever lighting technique to recreate golden hour? Read the full article about the shoot on SLR Lounge.

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Bursting flashes freeze splashes of color

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Have you ever seen a photographer use flash to freeze BMX bikers mid air? Of course you have. Have you seen splashes of color powder frozen in time? You probably have. But have you ever seen the two styles combined in one? We think not.

Christoph Jorda was born and raised in a small village in the Bavarian Alps. One day when he was a kid, he got a gift from his grandfather – his first camera.

Since then some things have changed, while others have not. Christoph still lives in the same village, and he is as fascinated by the area’s beauty as he was back then. But today Christoph’s hobby has turned into his profession, and the Bavarian Alps have become the scene for his stunning location photography.

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