Corey Melton Photograph’s Jim Gaffigan’s Growing Family

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If you think it is difficult to make one kid sit still long enough to get some decent shots, try photographing five. Fstoppers staff writer Corey Melton experienced this first hand when he was asked to shoot comedian Jim Gaffigan and his growing family for Jim’s new book Dad Is Fat.

“I figured that this shoot could end up going in any direction,” writes Corey. “I have a 3 year old daughter at home and I know how hard it is just to get her to sit still long enough to get some decent shots, so I couldn’t imagine 5 all at once! Because of this I wanted to keep the lighting simple and straight up, but to light in a way that the kids could move around and still maintain consistent lighting throughout the shoot.”

Corey’s solution incorporated a D1 monolight with an umbrella and an AcuteB2 battery generator with an Acute/D4 Ring flash.

Read the full article at Fstoppers and learn how Corey used these tools to create a series of promotional images for Jim’s book.


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  • Don Mcphee


    Great job. I believe it all came together when you added the ring. Soft,but crisp and vivid.


    • Corey


      Thanks Don, I agree with you !


  • Kimberly


    Congrats Corey, the shots came out GREAT!


    • corey


      Thanks so much Kimberly 🙂


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