The Shoot Which Created a Book Cover

Written by Ron Egatz on . Posted in Commercial photography

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Million Dollar Muscle | ©Ian L. Sitren

Million Dollar Muscle | ©Ian L. Sitren

Known for his bodybuilding photography, Ian L. Sitren has shared a shoot with us which ended up providing a book cover shot.

Taken with an Acute2R kit with Acute heads and two silver umbrellas. “That’s my go-to set-up in the gym, especially when I’m shooting guys,” says Sitren. “The silver umbrellas give me a much harder look and I can crank out f/22 from both with no problem. They let me darken out the background, which can be very distracting in a gym. Then just good placement lets me create the shadows I imagine in the final result.”

Since Sitren typically shoots in a working gym and not a photo studio, he must be mindful of what’s going on around him. “The Acute itself is very reliable and compact and easy to move around during the shoot,” he says. “Doing a photo-shoto in a working gym requires being respectful of the gym members who are there to workout.”

This particular shot has long been in this photographer’s mind. Weightlifters often carry two 45 pound plates from station to station in a gym. “I wanted to make it look realistic, so I actually had Doug Brignole walk that path at a normal pace—maybe even faster than normal to give it more impact,” Sitren says. “His walk started about about ten feet back from his mark, which is directly between the two heads. Doug had to maintain upper body tension in his muscles through the walk while having a somewhat normal facial expression. We did that walk a number of times and I fired the shutter just once each time when he hit the mark.”

Sitren behind the scenes | ©Ian L. Sitren

Sitren couldn’t be happier with this particular shot, saying, “Of all of the thousands of published photos I have out there, this is among my favorites for sure!”

Congrats on making your vision a reality, Ian. See more of Sitren’s work on his site.

Written by Ron Egatz

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Comments (2)

  • Don McPheee


    Ian…freaking crazy. The cross lights would not have been my first choice..but WOW…perfection!
    Kudos brother…


  • Ian L. Sitren


    Thanks Don!

    I have used the lighting set up for other high contrast creations. But this is the first time I tried using it as someone walked past it. I don’t think I could have created the same look with Doug just posing. So I have to hand it him for really making it work.


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