Leave Summer Behind with this Snowy How-To from Joey L.

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For his creativeLIVE broadcast, much loved portrait photographer Joey L. decided to try something he hadn’t done before, taking portraits of “arctic explorers” in a completely man-made, indoor blizzard.

On his blog, Joey details how he got the shot with behind the scenes pics, a lighting diagram, and some insight into his thought process. Although the shoot looks complicated, he used 5 Pro-B Heads, 3 Pro-8a packs, and a variety of lighting modifiers, he explains how every piece has its place.

He says, “Even with a photo as ‘complex’ as these blizzard portraits, when you break it down piece by piece, light by light, and effect by effect, it becomes quite simple. As I say in the creativeLIVE broadcast, if you can fully understand the way one light is affecting your image, it’s likely that you can understand one million lights.”

Read the full post on Joey L’s blog and check out the course on creativeLIVE. Connect with him on twitter, facebook, and google+.


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