Dimitar Iliev Shoots for Phase One

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Have you perhaps visited Phase One’s website recently to check out the new Capture One Pro 7 software? If you have, then you might remember these colorful promotional images, shot by London based photographer Dimitar Iliev?

We recently caught up with Dimitar and asked him to tell us a little about the shoot. Here is what he had to say:

“The main source of inspiration is Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining. I have always been fascinated by the amazing color palette he used and how he built everything in his sets with such an amazing attention to detail. In a similar fashion, I wanted to create images that are timeless and almost like paintings. Lighting was, of course, essential to create that effect.”

The shoot consisted of three main sets, which Dimitar overlapped to keep the session together and give it a wholesome and finished look. He also made an effort to keep the color transitions in the series as subtle as possible to create a calm and relaxing feeling throughout the shoot. An important part of that equation was also using the same main light for almost all of the images.


©Dimitar Iliev

©Dimitar Iliev

©Dimitar Iliev

Dimitar’s first setup

“I used the Profoto ProFresnel Spot as main light for about 85% of the shoot,” says Dimitar. “I then filled in the shadows with different Light Shaping Tools, such as the Softbox 3×3’ RF, the Softbox 1×6’ RF and the Softlight Reflector Silver. The fill lights were equipped with pink, blue, green, cyan and yellow gels to fill in the shadows with different nuances of color. Together they created a very nice color glow on the model’s skin.

“All of the lights were placed relatively close to the model, except the ProFresnel Spot, which was usually positioned right behind and above my camera. The strip softboxes were primarily used as rim lights. I sometimes used them with grids, sometimes without. The normal sized softboxes were positioned slightly further away on each side to fill in the harder shadows created by the ProFresnel Spot. The Softlight Reflector Silver was positioned right behind and above the model’s head. The reason that I chose the silver version over the white version was that the silver gave a slightly higher contrast. The Softlight Reflector was also equipped with some yellow color gel. This to enhance that sunny feeling I was after. Finally, different flags and gobos were used to maintain perfect contrast throughout the shoot.

©Dimitar Iliev

©Dimitar Iliev

Dimitar’s second setup

“I shot the images with a Mamiya 645DF and a Phase One P65+ digital back. I used two different lenses: a 80mm LS f/2.8 and a 150mm AF f/2.8. Most of the images were shot at small apertures in order the capture both the model and the set in sharp focus. Also, since there were multiple light sources, I chose to work with a light meter. Measuring the light with a Sekonic light meter made it much easer to maintain the details in the model’s skin.

“At the end of the day it turned out to be a very good and creative photo shoot, and I believe that everybody involved was very pleased with the final results. It is also worth mentioning that I had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest people I’ve met: hair stylist Georgi Petkov, make-up artist Zoran, clothes and styling by Gergana Rangelova, set by Toshko and last but not least, the talented model Violeta.”

See more of Dimitar’s image at his website or follow him on Twitter.

Learn more about Capture One Pro 7 at Phase One’s website.

©Dimitar Iliev

Dimitar’s third setup

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  • David


    Hello Dimitar:

    Thank you very much for the sharing. I found these images very attrative. Especially the color mix, it makes me look at these over and over again. Could you talk about the differences among ProFresnel Spot, Fresnel small and Cine reflector with Fresnel Lens inserted? Thank you very much.


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