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Are monolights your bread and butter? Sohail Mamdani has a helpful post on the BorrowLenses blog covering how to control power on a Profoto pack.

Mamdani admits after getting used to monolights, he found the idea of a pack a bit daunting. What? You can control three lights at once? In response, he put together this guide to illustrate the basics of working with a Profoto Acute2R 2400 pack. It will have you shooting with confidence.

Using a Sekonic light meter mounted on a light stand, Sohail visually demonstrates how to alter the output of the pack from full power at 2400ws down to 75ws, a much greater degree of variability than the typical monolight.

Read the full guide and stay tuned to the BorrowLenses blog for part two of this series, which promises to take you through controlling light for multiple heads on one pack.

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  • Kirk


    Really ?

    The manual for an Acute pack is available as a download and even simpler to understand than this guys tutorial.

    Now if someone would like to post a tutorial on how to use a vintage Pro 6 or Pro 5 pack THAT would be useful. No documentation is available from Profoto or anywhere on the web and the packs follow no known convention used by any other brand. The Acute series on the other hand is pretty conventional.


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