Kirk Tuck on the Profoto AcuteB 600

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©Lee Cherry

©Lee Cherry

Often, a box of speedlights just isn’t enough. If you’re ready to make the jump from speedlights to something a little (or a lot) more powerful, check out this post by Kirk Tuck found on The Visual Science Lab. A proponent of minimalist lighting, Kirk tried out the Profoto AcuteB 600 when an outdoor assignment demanded more power from his equipment.

He writes:

“Until you’ve spent years running extension cords from far off plugs and then taping them down so that people don’t trip over them you don’t really know just how freeing it is to: set up, power up and shoot without slowing down to do things the old ways. Conversely, if you’ve always shot with speed lights you’ll be amazed at how much flexibility in light placement, modifier size and other options that a professional system like this give you.”

©Kirk Tuck

Read the entire review and see more reviews on his blog, The Visual Science Lab. Check out his work at his site and at 500 Pixels.


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  • Shola Animashaun


    This is so cool. I love profoto product. I use R600 with beauty dish and the outcome is awesome. I cant wait t buy


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