Vegafoto explores Natural Beauty

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Swedish photographer Michael Jönsson recently launched an exciting new project entitled Natural Beauty. The concept behind Natural Beauty is pretty simple. Michael is going to create a series of fashion styled portraits without using makeup, professional hair stylists or retouching the images. The purpose of all this is according to Michael to emphasize the models’ natural beauty – hence the title.

This is the first portrait in Michael’s series. The girl’s name is Malin, and for this shoot, Michael used two Profoto ComPact 600R monolights, the Softlight Reflector, a Zoom Reflector and a reflector screen. The end result is a nice example of how far you can get by just shaping the light right.

Michael will continue to publish images in the same fashion on his blog. Stop by if you are curious to see more.

Michael's lighting setup


Vegafoto’s website

Vegafoto’s blog

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