5 Quick Tips for Flying with Gear

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in News

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The talented, Emmy-winning crew at Stillmotion has already spoiled us with two instructive videos on continuous lighting. The first video included insightful tips on how to use studio lighting to create different moods. The second video explained how to make a filmed interview look like a classy, feature-length documentary.

What we did not tell you when we posted these video was that Stillmotion has their very own blog, aptly titled Stillmotionblog. One of their recent blog posts is an article on how to prep and pack your lighting gear before take off.

Highly recommended read to traveling photographers and videographers who prefers to bring their own gear.


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  • Eva Casado


    Great links! Thank´s Fredrik for posting I need to fly around with the gear every now and then jeje.


  • Anton Romaniuk


    Great links and info! You are amazing. Thanks,


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