David Hobby Freezes the Motion of Antonio Beverly

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Earlier this month, Strobist featured a shoot with dancer Antonio Beverly. Although the shot features dramatic motion, the lighting style was drawn from portrait lighting conventions, giving it a unique look and feel. The Strobist community had so many questions a follow-up Q&A was posted to get into the gritty details of how this look was accomplished.

In the original post, Strobist, a.k.a. David Hobby, shared a lighting diagram and revealed he used a Profoto Acute2 head with a 10 degree grid to get definition on Antonio’s muscles. Another Profoto Acute head as a softer fill light was used to control the contrast range.

In the Q&A, Hobby reveals how he froze motion while avoiding ghosting. For that, he needed lots of power. He pumped up the settings on his two Profoto Acute2 heads and killed the ambient room lights, bringing him to approximately eight stops over ambient for the shot.

See the resulting shot at either of the blog links above and visit Strobist regularly for more lighting tips.

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