John Emerson Photographs the Healthcare Industry

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John Emerson on published a story on New Jersey-based photographer John Emerson. Primarily a portrait photographer, Emerson has made a multi-decade career specializing in the healthcare industry.

Author Jack Neubart writes, “For his strobe lighting, Emerson turns to Profoto Acutes, including an Acute 6B battery-driven unit when power is not available. Mostly, though, to ensure he has power outdoors for the AC-driven units, he’ll bring his own Honda gas-powered generator.”

We’re pretty sure he’s referring to the Profoto AcuteB 600, our compact, powerful mobile unit packing 600 watts of consistent flash power. Emerson also uses a Profoto “beauty dish,” or Softlight reflector white and Profoto Ring Flash, along with a range of umbrellas and softboxes.

You can see more of Emerson’s work at his site.


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