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Cine Reflector LITE + accessories

Cine Reflector LITE + accessories

On April 16, we expanded our line of continuous lights with two new HMI lights: ProDaylight 200 Air & ProDaylight 400 Air. We wrote a short post about it on Wednesday, and presented a video and a batch of portraits shot with the ProDaylight 400 Air yesterday.

Together with the new heads, we have also released a new version of the Cine Reflector.  The new version has no stand attachment and no handle, which makes it more compact and lightweight than the original version. In fact, the weight is reduced by as much as 38%! Note that the Cine Reflector LITE works with both flash lights and continuous lights, and if you are eager to know more, check out our new continuous light webpage.

Finally, we would also like to highlight the assortment of accessories that are available with the Cine Reflector LITE. Below you will find a series of images, shot by Tobias Björkgren, using the ProDaylight 400 Air and the Cine Reflector LITE with the different lenses that are available . The first image in each series was shot using just the Cine Reflector LITE. The rest shows how the different lenses affect the light output and the light spread respectively.

Different light output with different lenses | ©Tobias Björkgren

Different light spread with different lenses | ©Tobias Björkgren

©Tobias Björkgren

©Tobias Björkgren

If you want to see more if Tobias’ work, check out his website or the video we posted here a while ago.

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Comments (5)

  • Dmitri


    Re: NEW: Cine Reflector LITE

    .. The new version has no stand attachment and no handle..

    My very first question is – how then do I connect it to stand ? or it is not possible any more ? only handheld ? 🙂

    best regards,


    • Fredrik Franzén


      Hi Dmitri,

      You just mount the Cine Reflector LITE directly on the head – just like you would do with e.g. a standard Zoom Reflector.

      Kind regards,

      Fredrik Franzén, Profoto


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