NEW: ProDaylight 200 & 400 Air

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ProDaylight 400 Air with ballast

In 2011, Profoto released the continuous light source ProDaylight 800 Air, thereby introducing the concept of light shaping to video. For those of you who have not yet experienced it, ProDaylight is an HMI light that provides daylight color temperature, which is ideal for most photo and video shoots.

On April 16, 2012, we expanded our line of  continuous lights with two new HMI lights: ProDaylight 200 Air & ProDaylight 400 Air. The two new versions are  smaller and more lightweight than the preceding ProDaylight 800 Air , yet powerful and robust enough to handle a variety of assignments. The fact that neither the ProDaylight 200 Air or the ProDaylight 400 Air units use fans to keep cool makes them dead silent – a priceless feature when working with live sound video. The word “Air” simply means that both units come with Profoto’s Air radio remote function, which lets you control the light from the palm of your hand. Needless to say, both units are compatible with most Light Shaping Tools.

Information regarding exactly what Light Shaping Tools are compatible can be found here.

Learn more about out the different ProDaylight units and our line of continuous lights in general here.

Oh, and check in with us tomorrow for a few examples of images that was shot with the new ProDaylight units!

ProDaylight 400 Air

ProDaylight 400 Air with ballast

ProDaylight ballast


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  • Max Chesnokov


    You are the best! Keep going!


    • Nicolás jódar


      Gracias Profoto, el mercado y nosotros estábamos esperando estas herramientas….ahora ya podemos seguir pintando con Luz, como nos gusta Yeahhhh…¿Cuando podremos empezar a trabajar con estas unidades? Las necesito Ya….Gracias


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