NEW: Profoto Camera Release Cables

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Profoto Air Camera Release Cables

Profoto Air Camera Release Cables

On March 1, we released a new product that we think you might be interested in – Camera Release Cables.

Camera Release Cables can be used for triggering your camera from afar. Just find the dedicated Camera Release Cable that fits your specific camera model, and connect it to a Profoto Air Sync unit (or a Profoto Air Remote) to use as a receiver. Then use a second Air Sync/Remote as a transceiver. You can now trigger the camera from the palm of your hand.

Camera Release Cables can also be used to trigger more than one camera at a time. Use the Camera Release Cables to connect Air Sync/Remote units to each remote camera. Then use another Air Sync/Remote as a transmitter, and instantly release all of your cameras with the simple press of a button.

Note that Profoto Air is not exclusively for Profoto users. Externally connected Air Sync/Remote units allow you to synchronize almost any flash equipment, regardless of brand.

To learn more about our new Camera Release Cables and the Profoto Air System in general, click here.


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  • Eva Casado


    I use profoto air in my every day shooting and its just perfect. Very useful when I have to shoot interior photography and the generators/lights are far away from the camera. I also use them a lot in food photography in order to reduce the cables around the working table.


  • Oscar Parra


    I’m using the great Profoto Air, and is an impressive and very flexible when working in advertising.


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