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Commercial and portrait photographer Scott M. Lacey describes his style as “edgy, yet classic.” He depends on “sophisticated lighting,” to “create images that are clean, dynamic and crisp.” For that he turns to the Profoto Pro-8a.

On his blog, he features images from his shoots for Boston Magazine and then does something that no magician would ever do (but we wish more photographers would)… gives away all the secrets!

Each image is followed by a detailed explanation of how the shot was crafted, what challenges were overcome, and what equipment was used—including a lighting diagram. He uses Profoto Pro-8a packs and heads with a variety of light shaping tools including the 5’ Octa, grids, and beauty dishes. It’s always interesting to see another photographer’s technique, especially in such great detail.

He recently shot for Boston Magazine’s feature, “Six People Who Are Feeling the Heat,” about people who have to dress warmly in the summer. Read the article to see how he got the shot on his blog. For more of Scott’s photography, check out his portfolio.

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  • Dawn.W


    Great thanks for Scott M. Lacey’s sharing of lighting diagram on his blog. Those shoots are amazing.


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