The 5 Most Popular Stories on the Profoto Blog in January

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The 5 most popular stories on the Profoto Blog in January includes breathtaking shots of racing cars, stunt bikes caught midair, ballet dancers shot on location and a Japanese greeting card … with a horse.

How Frederic Schlosser Made a Parked Car Look As If It Is Moving at 150 Km/h

So you have a priceless Porsche race car to photograph for an ad campaign and you have to make it look like it’s driving really fast, but space is tight and you left your stunt driver at home. So how do you get the shot of this car driving fast while parked?

Aaron Conway Dances with the D1

Cincinnati-based fine art and commercial photographer Aaron Conway was challenged to introduce the city’s ballet to a new and younger audience. His solution? Shoot the ensemble dancing in a location where the kids actually hang out.

Mark Wallace’s Lighting Tips for Shooting on Location at Mid Day

Shooting portraits on-location can give you terrific results. If the light is right things are a snap, but what happens when we have less than ideal conditions? With a bit of knowledge, and the right tools, you can even shoot outside at almost any time of day!

Kohsaku Hoshino Catches a Jumping Motorcycle Rider Midair with the B1 Off Camera Flash

We’ve already posted behind-the-scenes videos with the B1 off-camera flash shot in Italy, the US, France and Spain. Now add to that a Japanese video, featuring a jumping motorcycle rider caught midair.

Irwin Wong’s New Year’s Greetings

New Year’s Day postcards are a big thing in Japan. But Tokyo-based photographerIrwin Wong took it further than most, bringing his entire team, a horse and a bunch of B1 off-camera flashes out in the forest.


Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to find more like that!

On Monday we return with a brand new Light Shaping Tool of the Month piece. (Hint: it’s a collapsible tool that ends with “mbrella”.)

Have a great weekend.

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