The Light on Mount Everest

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OutsideGrayson Schaffer of Outside Magazine has a job that lets him hang out on Mount Everest. Not too shabby. A dream job for most photographers, but Outside wouldn’t send an assistant with Schaffer. He’s had to make do with sherpas to help him with his gear, but apparently, Schaffer’s images are none the worse for wear.

Creating beautifully-lit images at this height is just short of astounding. Three problems off the top of my head which Schaffer has to deal with are wind, cold, and… oh, say, thin atmosphere. Despite this, he’s turned the world’s highest mountain into a portrait studio. Outdoors. Is this guy a hero of photography, or what?

Schaffer writes the following on the Outside Web site:

The key piece of gear that makes it all possible is the new Pro-B3 1200w/s AirS battery pack. It’s the lithium-powered update to the older [Pro-]7b power pack, and it delivers consistent flashes even in subzero temperatures at 17,500 feet. We’ve got two of these with a set of spare battery inserts but have yet to run down in a day’s shooting. To charge these beasts, we’ve been using a basic GoalZero solar setup, which, thanks to the Pro-B3’s built-in trickle-charging capability, can top off a charge in a sunny afternoon.

All this effort is getting noticed. The Verge and other sources have covered it. We  hope all these images will be collected somewhere when Schaffer returns. A heroic effort to obtain some outstanding images. Thanks for your hard work, Grayson.

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