The Month in Review: May

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Today is the last day of the month. This means that we will dedicate today’s post to revisiting May’s most popular posts.

As usual, we started the month with a Light Shaping Tool of the Month piece. This time we talked to Singaporean photographer Chen Wei Li about what one might argue is the most well-known Light Shaping Tool: the Zoom Reflector. After that, we wrote about Benjamin von Wong’s epic medieval shoot, and Brian Braun returned with a new video filmed during his rare guitar collection shoot. We also presented a story on the extensive work that went into Gianluca Colla’s detailed depiction of a recently discovered Leonardo da Vinci painting.

Those who are interested in learning about using light to create different moods on a movie set should check out the video that Stillmotion did. If you rather watch a video on using just a single light source, Sasha Leahovcenco’s video shoot at Folsom Lake might be of interest. Then there is the story we did on South African photographer Andrew McGibbon, which is most likely the most popular post this month – and for a good reason. If you have not yet seen Andrew’s striking work, make sure to do so. A few days after that, we presented Spanish food photographer Eva Casado’s video.

Finally, the news that there is an opportunity to get ones images shown at the Profoto booth at Photokina was very well-receieved. The submissions have already started to come in. If you have not yet sent in your own submission, make sure to do so!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Light Shaping Tool of the Month piece!


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