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Today is the last day of the month, and since February was a quite busy month on our blog, we thought a quick recap might be useful.

As usual, we started the month with a Light Shaping Tool of the Month piece. This time we talked to Tom Epperson and asked him about our Softlight Reflector. A few days later, we showed a couple of images that Ujin Lee had sent us, depicting his almost 50-year-old, but still perfectly working Pro-1 generator. We published a video in which George Holz told us how he lit Beyoncé for Spin Magazine. Joe Morahan was also kind enough to share his amazing sport images with us, and Bernhard Kristinn talked about his equally striking depictions of reindeers, fast cars and Icelandic lagoons. Matthew Seeds dramatic portraits of horses was another popular post.

The second half of February was equally busy. For instance, we proudly introduced our flipbook for wedding and portrait photographers, and Ian Ruhter told us about his unique Wet Plate Project. We also had the privilege of  meeting living legend Mary Ellen Mark, and the video from that meeting was of course posted here on the blog. Last but not least, Kenneth P. Volpe shared his thoughts on engineering, drama and photography.

Tomorrow, we will finally present the submission we have chosen for our next Light Shaping Tool of the Month series, so stay tuned.

Also, feel free to let us know what you want to see more of in the future!


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