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Pro-1 | ©Ujin Lee

The new timeline layout on Facebook is pretty neat. For one thing, it allows us to show you the history of Profoto, how the generators that photographers used in the Seventies looked, how this or that Light Shaping Tool evolved into the ones you are using today, etcetera etcetera. There is one problem, however. (And this is a little embarrassing.) We don’t have any images of older Profoto gear…

We need your help if we are going to solve this. We got images of all products all the way back to the release of the Profoto D4 in 2002. But earlier than that – nothing. We know that many of you are still using a lot older generators and tools than that. Can you please send us an image of whatever product you have? You will have our eternal gratitude. We will also post your image on our Facebook timeline with your name next to it. If you have a website, we are happy to include that too.

Send your image to images[a]profoto.com if you think it sounds like fun. (Note that the image has to be at least 851 pixels wide if we are to use it.)

You will find the global fan page here and the US fan page here.


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