Lynn Goldsmith Working Fast with Light

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©Lynn Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith has completed another milestone. The Looking Glass was an ambitious photographic series culminating in a traveling installation and book publication. This project explores commerce, fashion, art, popular culture, and identity. It features meticulous set creation, lighting, and retouching.

Currently, Goldsmith is working on a new career-spanning book focusing on her 40-year association with the world’s top musical talent. Called Rock ’n’ Roll Stories, the projected publication date is this Fall of 2013. Longtime fans will be happy to hear she is reviving her alter ego, Will Powers, and working on a Will Powers DVD which should also be available around the same time as her new book this autumn. Read more

Dan Jahn’s Dream Studio and a Whole Lotta Profoto

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petapixel - dan jahn's studio

Denver-based photographer Dan Jahn is one lucky guy. He’s built himself a state-of-the-art 2800-square foot studio space in downtown Denver that’s enough to make any photographer drool.

PetaPixel takes us inside Photospace where you’ll see an impressive library of photo books, an industrial strength kitchen, 1900 square feet of shooting space, and a whole bunch of custom racks filled with Profoto gear. A couple of Magnums, beauty dishes, Pro-7a’s, D4’s, Pro-7b’s, ringflashes — he’s got it all!

Check out the post on PetaPixel for images and much more detail on the space’s features (iPad-controlled music and air conditioning, anyone?). Read more

Silver & Light, Part V

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©Will Eichelberger

Even though every Profoto product was designed with a purpose, we encourage and support creatives who find new ways of using them. Ian Ruhter is one of those photographers. Ian uses powerful Profoto strobes to rejuvenate the old wet plates technique . He is currently traveling around his home country, photographing the places and the people who live there in this never-before-seen fashion. We will follow him on this journey in a series of articles, written by Ian himself. This is the fifth part, in which Ian celebrates Christmas and shoots at the Chase Jarvis Live show.

If someone told me I would wake up in a Travelodge this Christmas I would’ve laughed. Christmas Day arrived and I found myself alone staring out the window of a hotel room. I did remember this being part of the dream of when I started this project two years ago. I just stood there watching it rain.

We try to plan and have control over life; days like these remind me that I’m just along for the ride. Ten days before this monumental moment I received a call from Chase Jarvis. He asked if I would like to be on the Chase Jarvis Live show. I am a big fan of Chase and his work, of course I said yes. Immediately after our conversation the reality of this situation set in. I agreed to use the camera truck to create plates live on his Internet show. The thought of creating images in front of 40,000 people live was overwhelming. Soon I learned it would be 38° and raining in Seattle. The wet plate process does not work in cold weather. I started to worry. I had already said yes to Chase so we packed up the camera truck and began our two day drive to Seattle. Read more

Master Series: Gregory Heisler Shoots Michael Phelps

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Every few months, Profoto has the pleasure of interviewing an accomplished and highly regarded photographer to bring you their passion and knowledge of light shaping. This collection of interviews makes up the Master Series.

Today, we are happy to introduce the latest addition to the Master Series, featuring New York-based photographer Gregory Heiser, renowned for his technical mastery and iconic Time Magazine covers, to name just a few examples.

In this first video, Greg reveals how he used his lighting expertise to make a studio shot of swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, look like it was shot in a pool.

For your information, we have another five Master Series videos with Greg in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

You can see more of Greg’s work at his website. He is also a frequent Twitterer.

The Quirkies of Brittany McLaren on Resource Magazine

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Resource Magazine

Photographer Brittany McLaren started out as a writer, so it’s no surprise storytelling is at the heart of her photography. She has been featured by Resource Magazine Online as their photographer of the week with an interview and a selection of her images.

Brittany didn’t realize photography was her calling until she took a black and white darkroom course as an elective in college. She soon realized she was having a lot more fun shooting than she was pursuing a writing career. A new career path was calling.

Her work is most often described as “quirky.” With project names like “Taxidermy Love” and “Meet the Quirkies,” even she’ll agree that’s a pretty accurate description. She says, “I like to examine human nature, poke fun at it, comment on stereotypes, and subvert them.” Her portraiture style fits her concept — it’s poppy, fun, lighthearted — and she uses Profoto gear to get it.

Read the full interview on Resource Magazine, see more of her photography on her site, and check out some behind-the-scenes videos to see some of that Profoto gear in action. Connect with Resource Magazine on Twitter and Facebook. Read more