The Quirkies of Brittany McLaren on Resource Magazine

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Resource Magazine

Photographer Brittany McLaren started out as a writer, so it’s no surprise storytelling is at the heart of her photography. She has been featured by Resource Magazine Online as their photographer of the week with an interview and a selection of her images.

Brittany didn’t realize photography was her calling until she took a black and white darkroom course as an elective in college. She soon realized she was having a lot more fun shooting than she was pursuing a writing career. A new career path was calling.

Her work is most often described as “quirky.” With project names like “Taxidermy Love” and “Meet the Quirkies,” even she’ll agree that’s a pretty accurate description. She says, “I like to examine human nature, poke fun at it, comment on stereotypes, and subvert them.” Her portraiture style fits her concept — it’s poppy, fun, lighthearted — and she uses Profoto gear to get it.

Read the full interview on Resource Magazine, see more of her photography on her site, and check out some behind-the-scenes videos to see some of that Profoto gear in action. Connect with Resource Magazine on Twitter and Facebook. Read more

Rick Rose’s Smokey Fashion Shoot

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Rick Rose - Minerva Mendez

© 2012 Rick Rose

Rick Rose was inspired early on by the fashion and cosmetic world and is now working as a fashion, editorial, beauty and portrait photography in LA. Below, he shares some details about a smokey studio shoot.

I was aiming for an edgier look given the models we had that day, and decided to shoot on black with a smoke machine filling up the space between the model and the paper. I used a Mola Demi with a D4 head as a hair light and to bring light and contrast into the smoke. I used the Mola Setti with a D4 at a diagonal angle as to not have it cast any light on the background, which was made easier considering that you can ‘zoom’ Profoto heads within a modifier to adjust and control the light for the desired effect. The frosted glass domes over the flash tubes make the light smoother, and more pleasing than flashes that are a bare flash tube. Read more

Kevin Kubota’s Vintage Hollywood-Style Portrait

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shutterbug - kevin kubota is offering an excerpt from Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook, which includes two of the 101 lighting lessons presented in the book.

First, he offers his take on a “Trash the Dress” shoot on location in a steamy spa. Here he uses an LED diving light to create an impressionistic image of an angelic, watery bride.

Next, he heads to the penthouse for a vintage Hollywood-style portrait. He uses a Profoto strip box to light the model from head to toe without getting too much spill and adjusts the power of his D1 Air 500 to add “a soft kick of illumination, while maintaining a natural-light look.”

Of the Profoto system, he writes:

“The Profoto system has a proprietary remote control for the flash heads so you can adjust every parameter, of multiple heads, from the camera position. It’s extremely convenient and a significant timesaver on busy shoots. The build quality of the covetable Profoto system is exquisite; it’s made to last and is one of the most precise flash systems I’ve ever tested.”

Read the full excerpt on Shutterbug for images and more details and visit Kubota Image Tools for more info on the book. Read more

The Phoblographer: RFi Softboxes Review

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the phoblographer - profoto rfi softboxes

Abram Goglanian of The Phoblographer got his hands on some of our newest softboxes and has written up and a nice review on their ergonomics, build quality, and ease of use.

For the review, Abram assembles the 3×4 Softbox and 3’ Octa, mounts them on RFi Speedrings, inserts Softgrids, and gets them ready to shoot on his D1 Airs.

One quick quote? “Everything screams high quality to me.”

Read the full review on The Phoblographer. See some of Abram’s work on his site. Read more

VIDEO: Michael Muller’s Waterproof Studio

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Water and electricity are not good for humans. We don’t condone or encourage in any way the act of Profoto heads held over the head of a brave assistant standing in a river. We’ve covered other water-related stories, such as when Marcel Lämmerhirt shot some stunning photos of wakeboarding for us using the new Pro-B4, but that was all from the safety of dry land.

That wasn’t enough for Michael Muller, who customized a 1200 watt Profoto head to be entirely waterproof. He then built a barge, really a floating cooler, to house the Pro-7b generators and threw them, his assistants, 120 feet of cable, and some talented surfers into the sea.

Michael only exploded one light, but got some pretty unique shots. His creation, he says, allows him to take an entire studio setup into the ocean. Pretty cool—and dangerous—we might mention. Don’t try this at home!

See more of Michael Muller’s work (now with more sharks!) on his site. For more details, see the post on Transworld Surf. If you prefer your photography features in print, check out the December 2012 issue of PDN Magazine. Read more