S1 Group Reviews The Pro-B4

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Here it is, the world’s first independent review of the world’s fastest battery generator. It is the good people at S1 Group in Toronto, Canada who got hold of a Pro-B4 unit and decided to put it to the test by comparing it to its predecessor: the Pro-B3. Here is s short summary:

“It’s built tough and weather resistant, and is capable of banging out the shots all day. Oh I did I say it was fast? Yes it has the fastest recycle of any battery pack we have tested. (Recycle time is twice as fast as the Profoto B3 battery pack, which was the defacto standard up until now.)”

Read the rest of the interview here.


Paul Aresu’s Photographic Heritage

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©Paul Aresu

Here’s the way most of the world once worked. Geography, limited transportation, natural resource constraints, technology levels, familial expectation, and financial opportunities conspired to enforce the common practice that trade skills were handed down from one generation to another. Your father was a Sumerian who worked the fertile soil north of the Persian Gulf? You became a farmer and spent your life doing the same thing, as your children would. Your father was a Roman coal digger in second century Britain? You became one, too. Your father and grandfather were furniture makers in nineteenth century Innsbruck, Austria? Well, that meant you were sweeping up the shop sawdust from age four, the beginning of a long apprenticeship until you yourself built furniture alongside your aging mentors.

The Industrial Revolution changed all that, and intergenerational careers are rare today, especially compared to almost mandatory sentences they once commanded. When we find examples of a father passing a passion for a trade down to son, it is largely because of that: passion. This is the case with Paul Aresu, who boasts both a father and a grandfather as professional photographers. Read more

Webinar Archived: Alternative Lighting Styles with Profoto RFi Softboxes

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Our very popular Webinar on alternative lighting styles with Profoto RFi Softboxes has been archived. If you’re tired of using the same old lighting setups and need some new inspiration, definitely take a look at this free resource.

The webinar lasts for 40 minutes, during which John Williamson demonstrates three alternative lighting scenarios using the new Profoto RFi softboxes.

Understanding basic portrait lighting techniques is important to every photographer. It is the foundation from which the advanced techniques are built. Alternative lighting techniques can also be as important as unique approaches can create unique lighting styles.

You’ll be walked though three simple yet creative lighting styles you can use immediately. Be prepared to start thinking of light in a new way!

Equipment List:

  • Profoto D1 Air 500 W/S
  • Profoto RFi 2×3 Softbox
  • Profoto RFi 1×6 Softbox
  • Profoto RFi 1×1.3 Softbox
  • Profoto RFi Speedring
  • Kupo 30″ C-Stand
  • Kupo Grip head
  • Kupo Grip Arm
  • Kupo 4-way clamp
  • Nikon D3
  • Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8
  • Sekonic L-758DR

VIDEO: Matthew Jordan Smith Shaking it Up with Zendaya

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Matthew Jordan Smith is no stranger to the Profoto blog. Not only has his work been featured here before, but he did five videos with us for our Master Series.

In this new behind the scenes video, Matthew shows us how he shot a portrait of Zendaya Coleman from Disney’s Shake It Up!. For the outdoor shoot he uses one light, powered by the Profoto Pro-7b, powered to about ? to ½ stop over the ambient reading. He uses a beauty dish on a mini boom to get a direct, flat light.

Matthews made some very deliberate choices in order to get the shot he wanted. Watch the video above to hear more details from the shoot and check out his website Photography Help for more instruction videos. See more of his work on his portfolio. Read more

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes with John Keatley

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John Keatley - Coffee Face

Coffee Face | © John Keatley 2012

If there was an award for best video bio, advertising and celebrity portrait photographer John Keatley might win it. It’s got lumberjacks and Pomeranians and the kind of attention to detail you usually only see in high-end advertising. This is why John is so good at what he does: quirky and fun with great precision. In this post, he shares some behind the scenes details about a recent personal project.

My goal was to create a series of images where the models were quite animated within the context of a light hearted, quirky situation. I feel it is important to always be creating new work and experimenting outside of paid commissions, so I am constantly producing personal projects like this. Read more