Light Shaping Tool of the Month: Softbox + Speedlight

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Each month we highlight a certain item in Profoto’s rich assortment of Light Shaping Tools. (If you want to browse through previous articles, click the Light Shaping Tool of the Month banner on the right.) This month we will talk to Richard Walch about our smallest softbox: the Softbox 1×1.3’ RFi.

Richard Walch is a German photographer with a knack for shooting things that move fast in water or on snow. His list of clients includes such brands as Audi, Apple, Oakley, Tommy Hilfiger and RedBull. Richard is also a Canon Ambassador and was recently asked to travel to Iceland with his colleague Thorsten Milse to shoot with the new Canon EOS 6D. This portrait was shot during that trip, and Richard used the following setup: one speedlight equipped with a Softbox 1×1.3’ RFi on each side of the subject, plus a bare speedlight from behind, acting as rim light.

“We traveled to some pretty remote areas, and we had to charter a private plane to reach our destination,” says Richard. “In other words, the luggage restrictions were severe. There was just no way I could bring a battery generator with me. Nevertheless, it was crucial that I could control the light, and the solution I came up with was to use small speedlights and professional softboxes. This way I got the best of both worlds!” Read more

Happy New Year!

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As 2012 comes to an end, we would like to thank all the photographers who shared their inspiring work as well as each and everyone of you who make our blog come alive by reading, commenting and sharing.

We will now take a short hiatus to return with full force on January 7. See you next year!

Best wishes,

Fredrik, Ron & Marisa

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Silver & Light, Part IV

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Even though every Profoto product was designed with a purpose, we encourage and support creatives who find new ways of using them. Ian Ruhter is one of those photographers. Ian uses powerful Profoto strobes to rejuvenate the old wet plates technique . He is currently traveling around his home country, photographing the places and the people who live there in this never-before-seen fashion. We will follow him on this journey in a series of articles, written by Ian himself. This is the fourth part, in wich Ian shows how to do wet plates with a Holga camera and Profoto strobes.

Lights, toy camera, action!

I was granted an opportunity. At the time I didn’t know it would lead to a major development in my photography. I was asked to participate in a show at the Lomography store in Los Angeles. The idea behind the project was to take six photographers and have them create photos with the Lomography cameras. Initially I thought it would be fun to make photos using regular film again. All of the sudden I had an idea. Would it be possible to create wet plate images with this camera? Once I had the camera in my hands I figured out very quickly it was going to work.

The very next day I began shooting photos with my new plastic camera. Immediately I was blown away by the results. These cameras have plastic lenses and are known to have light leaks, which gives you the signature Lomo look. The combination of toy camera and wet plate process produced images I had never imagined creating. Read more

Richard Dole & The Racing Legends

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Mario Andretti | ©Richard Dole

In the spring of 2012, Richard Dole was commissioned by Automobile Magazine to photograph some of the legendary figures in auto racing from the 1950s and 1960s. The “Generation of Heroes” project was published in the monthly magazine throughout the year, each issue contained a series of one-page profiles of the great drivers, engineers, mechanics and journalists who were part of the golden age of motor sport. The subjects not only included famous drivers like Mario Andretti, Sir Jackie Stewart, and Richard Petty, but also lesser known figures like mechanic and car builder Phil Remington, and motor sport photographer Jesse Alexander.

“The most critical factor in any portrait session is time,” says Dole. “The majority of these people are very active, even though their ages range from the early 70s to the mid 90s. I knew the amount of time they would allow themselves in front of the camera would be very limited. And it was. Most of the sessions last less than 10 minutes and a couple lasted less than 2 minutes.” Read more

A Comment About Comments

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Hi all,

We recently discovered that our blog’s comment function has been malfunctioning. The problem arose around mid October. Since then, all new comments were banished to some sort of digital limbo.

The comment function should work now, and we’re working hard on restoring the comments left during this period of time.

Our apologies. For the record, it is much more fun writing posts when people reply…

/Fredrik Franzén, Profoto