Master Series: Greg Heisler on Photography Techniques

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Every few months, Profoto has the pleasure of interviewing an accomplished and highly regarded photographer to bring you their passion and knowledge of light shaping. This collection of interviews makes up the Master Series.

The latest addition to the Master Series features New York-based photographer Gregory Heisler, renowned for his technical mastery and iconic Time Magazine covers, to name just a few examples.

In this third video Greg talks about the importance of not relying on proven techniques. He also talks about the importance of finding your own expression.

“The last thing you want to think about when taking a picture is other pictures,” says Greg. Solid advice.

The fourth video will be posted in two weeks. In case you missed the first or the second video, they are still available here and here.

You can see more of Greg’s work at his website. He is also a frequent Twitterer.

R.J. Kern’s Burning Man Family Portraits

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R.J. Kern - Burning Man Family Portrait

© 2012 R.J. Kern

R.J. Kern is an award-winning wedding photographer who took his trip to Burning Man as a chance to put some new gear through its paces.

It’s “all about simplifying photography gear without sacrificing quality,” he writes. Among his  “go-to weapons of choice” is the Profoto D1 Air 250.

He writes, “Good light is good light. In the lighting world, reliability is king. But when my Alien Bees crashed to a dusty playa floor due to wind at Burning Man, they were dead. Profotos take the beating.”

Read the full post for more details and to see the rest of the images. See his Minneapolis wedding photography at and be sure to check out his photographer’s resource section to find more tips and articles. Read more

VIDEO: Tobias Björkgren Shoots Fashion with Softboxes

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Some of you might recall the interview we did in in early November with Swedish photographer Tobias Björkgren, who was one of the first to do a real life shoot with the new Profoto RFi softboxes.

(In case you don’t, the interview is still available here.)

Last week, Tobias published a behind-the-scenes video from that very shoot, and even though you might have already seen the images, we thought the video was too good not to share.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Donald Miralle’s Portrait of Kirk Douglas

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Donald Miralle's blog


Award-winning photographer Donald Miralle recently got the call to photograph Kirk Douglas, Hollywood icon known for his role in classic films such as Spartacus and Shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Shooting at Kirk Douglas’ home in southern California, Donald got the job done quickly and efficiently. He writes, “We didn’t have much time to get this done, so my assistant and I walked into his house ready to shoot with a Nikon D800, 24-70mm lens, PocketWizard Plus III synched to a Profoto Pro-7b pack and light with a beauty dish + diffuser… After a couple minutes of shooting and telling him that my favorite movies he starred in were Spartacus and Lust for Life (where he played a tortured Vincent Van Gogh and should have received an Oscar for his performance), we shook hands again and left.”

Read Donald’s full account of the experience and see the resulting photo on his blog. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter and see his portfolio at Read more

Angelo Antelmi’s Kitchen Odyssey

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Conception | ©Angelo Antelmi

Last year, Italian photographer Angelo Antelmi impressed us all by making a fork dance by simply using lighting in clever way. Now, Angelo is back and this time the fork not only dances. It plays football, it kisses, it gets married, it ages and eventually it dies. It is a much more complex story, but Angelo’s way of telling it is as simple and straightforward as ever.

“A writer I interviewed when I was working as a journalist explained to me that the only difference between a good and a bad writer is a slight difference in sensitivity,” says Angelo. “That was when I realized that I wanted to tell my stories through pictures.”

What is this particular story about?

“These images are all part of a family album. Together they form a minimalist story of life and death and rebirth. The first image shows spermatozoon teaspoons hurtling towards the ovum. The second image shows the infant being rocked in its mother’s arms. The third image shows small children playing football. Then follows adolescence. At first, the male knives are separated from the dancing female forks. But eventually they meet on a rainy night. Love explodes with passion and develops into a solid bond. Together they traverse the good and bad times of adult life and address old age with dignity. Finally, beyond the end, they find themselves together again, reunited with their childhood and ready to start a new life cycle.” Read more