VIDEO: Gary Land Diagrams Lighting for Adidas and Lionel Messi Campaign

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As part of our ongoing Master Series, don’t miss the Gary Land video just posted on the Profoto site. Watch Land break down the execution of his shoot for Adidas with soccer superstar Lionel Messi from conception to postproduction.

The video on the site is bigger than the below version, by the way. Either way, it’s over four minutes of some great and unique lighting solutions.

Enjoy, and don’t miss more of Gary Land’s work at his site and his blog.

Catherine Hall on Fear and Details

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©Catherine Hall

Catherine Hall gives the same attention to detail to all her clients. Whether it’s a small, private wedding, or shooting editorial work for a Fortune 500 client, Hall watches the little things. Voted one of The Knot’s Best Wedding Photographers of 2010, she credits her attention to detail as helping her get shots people most comment on.

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Nathan Schroder: A Fantastic Reality

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial photography, Lighting tips

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©Nathan Schroder

Many photographers make an effort to create a context for their images. But Nathan Schroder takes the concept further than most.

“I think of my images as stills from movies that don’t exist,” says Nathan. “I create the characters in my head, because I need to know who they are and why they are in the situation that they are in. Generally when I’m making a proposal to a client, I’ll include these character sketches on a written page, describing the characters and the setting. Not only does that firm up the image in my head, it also helps me direct the people in front of my camera lens.”

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Digitizing the Devil’s Bible

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©Per Adolphson

Its real name is Codex Gigas, but it’s better known as The Devil’s Bible. Weighing 74.8 kg, measuring 1 m² and intricately detailed throughout its 720 pages, it is the world’s largest and most mysterious medieval manuscript.

Contrary to what one might think, The Devil’s Bible is not a satanic text. It’s a bible. A very special bible, but a bible nevertheless. The strange nickname has two explanations. First of all, the bible contains a spectacular drawing of the devil. Secondly, the entire bible was supposedly written in one night by a possessed monk, who had made a deal with the Prince of Darkness himself. The latter’s involvement is obviously hard to verify, but modern scientists are fairly certain that the bible was indeed written and lavishly illustrated by a single person.

“I met an English medieval handwriting expert,” says photographer Per Adolphson. “He said that it must have taken somewhere between 20 and 30 years to create Gigas. The fact that it’s so beautifully written means that the author was experienced and most likely well into his twenties when he began, and that just makes it even more weird, giving the fact that people didn’t live much older than 35-40 at the time!”

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The Profoto Blog 2.0

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Time flies fast. Our blog turns four this year, but its purpose is the same today as when we started – to present inspiring images, shot by both established and upcoming photographers from all over the world. Looking back, we think we’ve done a pretty good job, but the world is a big place, and it is hard to keep track of all the talent out there. There is really just one solution to this problem. We need to grow.

That is why the Profoto US blog now becomes the global Profoto blog. American Ron Egatz will be joined by Fredrik Franzén in Sweden, Matt Wilson in the UK and Alexandre Tessier in France. More will join later, but these are the writers as we speak.

What does this means to you? Well, more frequent blog posts with a wider perspective, to start with. We will have a better chance of staying on track with our rapidly evolving industry. We will be able to visit studios and have face-to-face meeting with photographers from all over the world. We will also be able maintain a closer relationship with our readers, and hopefully answer any questions you might have regarding our posts or light shaping in general.

We will simply continue doing what we have done for the last four years. We will just try to do it more often – and hopefully even better.

Say hello to our new writers, and stay tuned for the very first post on our re-launched blog. We promise it will be something special.