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Photokina booth images, selection three: Aorta & Adithya Zen

Photokina booth images, selection three: Aorta & Adithya Zen

On May 22, we asked you to submit images that we can show in our booth at this year’s Photokina trade fair. The response was better than we ever could have hoped for. We got way more images than we can show and we consequently had to choose just a few. The final selection consists of images from previous blog participants as well as images from you, our readers.

We will present these images continuously here on our blog, right up until Photokina begins. Stay tuned. And to all those who shared their work with us – thank you! It is truly inspiring to see the stuff you create with the help of our gear.

These two images were shot by Swedish duo Aorta and Indonesian photographer Adithya Zen.

Monki | ©Aorta

The photographic duo Aorta consists of Marco Grizelj and Kristian Krän. The two met at photography school, where they soon came to realize that they shared the same vision and were working toward the same goal. They also shared the notion that the life of a freelance photographer appeared somewhat lonely. Hence, they decided to form a team. And Aorta was born.

“The actual name Aorta just happened,” said Marco, when we interviewed them a couple of months ago. “I guess we felt that Krän & Grizelj sounded too much like a law firm.”

Our interview with Aorta is still available here and their beautiful website can be found here.

Fire and Ice | ©Adithya Zen

Adithya Zen is a commercial  photographer based in Bandung, Indonesia. His submission Fire & Ice was the one that got the most votes when we asked our readers to name their favorite.

“This photo was shot on March 18, 2010, for the Second Civil cover project,” says Aditya. “It was created together with brazilian model Nubia Lopez, Morphacio Bodypainting and Rissa Mariana, who helped us with the make up and the hair. The photo shoot took about 30 minutes, but the make-up and the bodypainting process took approximately 8 hours!”

Adithya used the following equipment to realize his vision:

You can, of course, see more of his work at his fan page.

Adithya’s set up

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    Hello Fredrik!

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