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Photokina booth images, selection three: Miller Mobley & Mark van Vugt


On May 22, we asked you to submit images that we can show in our booth at this year’s Photokina trade fair. The response was better than we ever could have hoped for. We got way more images than we can show and we consequently had to choose just a few. The final selection consists of images from previous blog participants as well as images from you, our readers.

We will present these images continuously here on our blog, right up until Photokina begins. Stay tuned. And to all those who shared their work with us – thank you! It is truly inspiring to see the stuff you create with the help of our gear.

These two images were shot by American photographer Miller Mobley and Dutch photographer Mark van Vugt.

Charles Warren | ©Miller Mobley

Miller’s set up

Miller Mobley is an up-and-coming portrait photographer who fuses classic portrait photography with innovative lighting techniques. When we had the pleasure of interviewing Miller last October, he explained how his love for portrait photography came to be.

“The reason I got into photography was actually this book I came across,” said Miller. “It was about Richard Avedon. His images had a huge impact on me. It’s not even like I decided to become a portrait photographer. In fact, I’ve done a lot of other stuff too. But the portraits have always been my main focus. I feel that there’s this energy, this powerful attraction there that I can’t find in any other realms of photography.”

Our interview with Miller is still available here. You should also check out his website, brimful of inspiring portraits.

Une Affaire d’Homme | ©Mark van Vugt

Mark’s set up

Mark van Vugt is one of the photographers we got in touch with through our request for images to show in our booth at Photokina. We asked Mark to tell us about himself and the image he submitted, and here is what he wrote:

“My name is Mark van Vugt. Born in 1970 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I work as a Fashion, Beauty, Advertising & Portrait photographer. I got my Master in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK), the Hague in back 1994. But I didn’t start to work as a photographer until 2006 and when I did I joined PANL (Photographers Association of the Netherlands) immediately.

“In 2011, I got represented by one of Holland’s leading photographers agencies: Create Agency. And since the beginning of this year my work got selected for Lürzer’s Archive’s ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2012/13.

“This photo is the fourth and final image from the series: Une Affaire d’Hommes. The series was shot in The Toren Hotel in Amsterdam and was commissioned by De Haren van de Keijzer as an entry for the prestigious Schwarzkopf Coiffure Awards in 2012.

“All I used to get this shot was my faithful Acute B600R with an AcuteB Head and a standard Zoom Reflector. I like to use this battery pack because it’s light, nimble, accurate, durable and versatile… I never leave home without it! It gives me the power to control the light wherever I am, both indoors and outdoors.”

If you want to see more of Mark’s images, check out his website.

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