Photokina Booth Images Selection Nine

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Photokina booth images, selection nine: Alex Hajdu & Lothar Weiland

Photokina booth images, selection nine: Alex Hajdu & Lothar Weiland

On May 22, we asked you to submit images that we can show in our booth at this year’s Photokina trade fair. The response was better than we ever could have hoped for. We got way more images than we can show and we consequently had to choose just a few. The final selection consists of images from previous blog participants as well as images from you, our readers.

We will present these images continuously here on our blog, right up until Photokina begins. Stay tuned. And to all those who shared their work with us – thank you! It is truly inspiring to see the stuff you create with the help of our gear.

These two images were shot by Slovak photographer Alex Hajdu and German photographer Lothar Wieland.

Harley Davidson | ©Alex Hajdu

Alex lighting set up

We talked to Alex not too long ago about this image, shot for a Harley Davidsion ad. Here is what he had to say:

“As you will see, the lighting set up for this project was really simple. In fact, I’m not a fan of complicated set ups. Apart from ambient light, I used 1 Pro-7b generator and 2 Pro-B heads. One head was equipped with 1Softbox 2×3? Octa, the other with a Zoom Reflector. I also had a white poly. Because I wanted to feel the flash in the pictures and get a darkened sky and background, I rated the camera to ISO 100, f4, 1/500.”

The rest of the interview can be found here. We also encourage you to check out Alex beautiful website.

Alba | ©Lothar Weiland

Lothar’s image Alba was shot at the W-Hotel in Barcelona. His ambition was, as Lothar puts it, to portray Alba as a ballerina in a classic environment with a distinct makeup style that mixes a nude look with classic smokey eyes. He shot the image with a Hasselblad H3DII-31 and a 80mm lens, and lit the set with the Profoto Narrowbeam Travel Reflector, powered by a AcuteB600.

You can, of course, see more of Lothar’s stylish images at his website.

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