Photokina Booth Images Selection Seven

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Photokina booth images, selection seven: Blair Bunting & Erik Bolding

Photokina booth images, selection seven: Blair Bunting & Erik Bolding

On May 22, we asked you to submit images that we can show in our booth at this year’s Photokina trade fair. The response was better than we ever could have hoped for. We got way more images than we can show and we consequently had to choose just a few. The final selection consists of images from previous blog participants as well as images from you, our readers.

We will present these images continuously here on our blog, right up until Photokina begins. Stay tuned. And to all those who shared their work with us – thank you! It is truly inspiring to see the stuff you create with the help of our gear.

These two images were shot by American photographer Blair Bunting and Dutch photographer Erik Bolding.

Deadliest Catch | © Blair Bunting

Blair has been featured on our blog a number of times, most recently with an action-packed video from his Lamborghini Aventador shoot, and, of course, with the image you see above, shot for Discovery Channel’s series The Deadliest Catch. Without getting into details, Blair used a couple of Pro-7 generators and powerful leaf blower to create the image. If you want to know more, the article is still available here, including a behind the scenes video and a cheeky lighting diagram.

You should also check out Blair’s website.

Golden Girl | ©Erik Bolding

When we asked for images to show at Photokina, Erik submitted the image you see above. As we did not know Erik before, we asked him to tell us something about himself. Here is what he replied:

“My name is Erik Bolding. I was born in 1964 and has been working as a fashion photographer for more than 20 years. I have my own private studio and like to work in the range from very artistic Black & White to High-Fashion and Glamour. I also do travel photography, but it is more of a hobby.”

Can you tell us something about the image you submitted?

“This picture was shot as part of a make-up experimental series. The model, Kimberly, has the perfect skin to do this. I wanted to blend the colors of her skin, the make-up and the fur in one picture. That is why I used the D4 2400 and a large Profoto Softbox to flood the whole scene with just one light. The background and the face of the model are lit with the same light! I then had two Grid Reflectors with honeycomb grids to just light up the background and the shadows on the other side of her face.”

See more of Erik’s images at his website.

Erik’s set up


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  • murraylaidlaw


    There are more great images on his website, well worth a look although you’ll need to use a translator for the text as it’s in Dutch.


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