Profoto at Photokina: At the Olympus booth with Ralph Man

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Ralph Man at the Olympus booth

Ralph Man at the Olympus booth

You do not have to visit the Profoto booth to see Profoto gear at Photokina. It can be found in other places too. For example, the enormous Olympus booth in hall 2.2, where German photographer Ralph Man demonstrates the features of the new OM-D camera with the help of Profoto strobes and continuous light units.

“Even though it’s small, the OM-D is capable of taking images of fantastic quality,” says Ralph. “I don’t use it very often in the studio – there I use my Phase One Camera. But whenever I’m on location, I prefer working with a smaller camera. I believe it lets me be creative in an entirely different way.”

Exactly what is it you do here at the Olympus stand?

“I have three different set ups that I use. For the first one, I use Profoto flashes to demonstrate how to set up a professional photo shoot. For the second one, I work with continuous light units. I have ProDaylight and ProTungsten units. As you can see, I also have a Cine Reflector equipped with a Narrow Spot Lens. This creates a focused, very dramatic light that I absolutely love.”

Why do you use continuous lights?

“I do this for two reasons. One reason is that I want to show the audience what it’s like to work with continuous lights. The second reason is that it’s so much easier for them to participate and take their own images when I work with continuous lights. This is obviously very hard to do when you’re working with flash.”

What about the third set up?

“The third set up is just for the public. I set the light, and they are free to shoot the model however they like.”

Are they allowed to give the model directions and stuff like that?

“No. I wouldn’t mind, but I think it would be very difficult for the model to follow the instructions of all these photographers at once…”

Finally, we’re interested in what kind of Light Shaping Tools photographers would like to see in the future. Any ideas?

“Yes. Very easy. I want one tool with many possibilities. The Cine Reflector is a good example – one tool that can be used to create very different lights. I think this is the future. For example, I recently had a job where the guy from the adverting agency had told me that he wanted an image with very soft, very bright light, but once I arrived at the shoot, he had completely changed his mind and wanted a really, really hard light with sharp shadows. Things like that happen all the time.”

Learn more about the OM-D here.

See more of Ralph Man’s images here.

Ralph Man at the Olympus booth

Profoto gear

Profoto sandbags keeps the stands … standing


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  • Georges


    Is that beauty dish a gridded Mola Setti? Nice stuff!


  • blackboots1


    Sadly the main light and grid on Ralph’s set are not even mentioned, even though Profoto is the importer of Mola products.


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