Profoto at Photokina: At the SanDisk booth with David Newton

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David at MotoGP speed

David at MotoGP speed

Yesterday, we paid a visit to Ralph Man, who is shooting with Profoto gear at the Olympus booth in hall 2.2. Today, we are saying hello to British photographer David Newton, who is keeping busy at the SanDisk booth in hall 2.1.

David is standing in front of the entrance to the SanDisk booth, right next to multiple MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi’s muscular Ducati motorbike. David has a simple set up, consisting of one Profoto Pro-8 generator, powering two ProHeads equipped with a Silver Umbrella M and a Zoom Reflector. The lights are aimed towards the motorcycle, and any by passer who so wishes may be photographed together with the aggressive looking, 200,000-dollar motorbike.

The main purpose of this is obviously not to showcase Profoto products, but to demonstrate the new SanDisk Eye-Fi memory card that David has in his camera. The Eye-Fi is a clever little device that not only saves up to 8GB of raw images on the actual card and allows you to wirelessly transfer the images to your computer. In addition, the Eye-Fi instantly sends a smaller jpg version of the image to any computer, tablet or smartphone that has a certain SanDisk app installed. Needless to say, this has many appliances. For instance, if you have a client with you on the shoot, they do not need to hang over your shoulder. Instead, they can relax in a nearby sofa with an iPad in their lap and a coffee cup in their hands. Better for you, better for them. Pretty clever, right?

Learn more about the SanDisk Eye-Fi memory card here.

See more of David Newton’s images here.

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