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Georgeos Papandreou | ©Sebastian Reich

Georgeos Papandreou | ©Sebastian Reich

Sebastian Reich is a portrait photographer from Austria, who started his own business as recently as April 2011. Sebastian went straight into medium format digital and Profoto lighting, and his tool of choice is the AcuteB2 battery generator.

“I do nearly all my portrait jobs here in Vienna, and I always use public transport to get to the location,” says Sebastian. “The AcuteB2 is light and compact, and it works flawlessly during even the most hectic shoots, when I might not have more than two minutes to get the shot. I usually put the head on a Manfrotto 001B tripod with the Softbox 2×3’ RF or sometimes an umbrella. This way I’m able to work without an assistant. It is a hard way of doing things, but clients just don’t pay for that…”

Profil Magazine

One assignment that obviously fits Sebastian’s description of a hectic shoot was when Austrian news magazine Profil hired him for the cover shoot of former Greek prime minister Giorgos Papandreou.

“I had no assistant, and I needed to travel from Vienna to Athens,” says Sebastian. “Just for one day. By plane. I also knew that I would have a very limited period of time to get my image, so everything had to be nailed.

“There was no contest about which products I would bring along: the Phase One 645 DF with the AirGrip and my Profoto AcuteB2 600 AirS. The lamp head, camera and lenses fitted in one backpack. The tripod and softbox were tied to the outer shell of the backpack. The generator hung over my shoulder…”

Once on location, Sebastian kept it simple.

“I put the lamp head on the tripod so that the light was coming from slightly above left of camera – just a very typical and easy one light wonder setup. I also had the luck of having a white door on the right side of Papandreou, which I used as bounce to give him some details in the shadows. Just perfect.”

One light. Sometime that is all it takes.

Sebastian’s set up

Check out more of Sébastian’s work at his website.

Written by Fredrik Franzén

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  • Paul


    Nice, clean and simple.


  • Betta Thanyou


    Shame eyes are out of focus…or maybe you wanted nice sharp frown lines.
    Next time use the single central focus spot.


  • Dave


    Amazing photo Sebastian, I love it. Love how you’ve focussed just on the eyes, so the rest behind them quickly drops out of focus. Great work!


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