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About two weeks ago, we launched a project called Light Shaping Tool of the Month. First out was the brand new Umbrella XL, and the article is still here, if you have not yet read it.

One who did read it was New York based photographer Brad Trent, who by a strange coincidence posted a similar blog post the very same day. However, Brad’s post highlighted another, slightly less well-known Light Shaping Tool: The Profoto ZoomSpot.

“Sure…with a little Photoshop and a lotta time you could probably manufacture an image like the one above, but wouldn’t it a lot more fun to pull out a $10,000 lighting gizmo and do it all in-camera?!!” asks Brad. He then continues to explain how he set up his shoot, complete with self-made transparencies, a trio of Profoto heads, a softbox and a bunch of other stuff.

Why not head over to Brad’s blog Damn Ugly Photography and read the entire post?

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