Kevin Kubota’s Vintage Hollywood-Style Portrait

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shutterbug - kevin kubota is offering an excerpt from Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook, which includes two of the 101 lighting lessons presented in the book.

First, he offers his take on a “Trash the Dress” shoot on location in a steamy spa. Here he uses an LED diving light to create an impressionistic image of an angelic, watery bride.

Next, he heads to the penthouse for a vintage Hollywood-style portrait. He uses a Profoto strip box to light the model from head to toe without getting too much spill and adjusts the power of his D1 Air 500 to add “a soft kick of illumination, while maintaining a natural-light look.”

Of the Profoto system, he writes:

“The Profoto system has a proprietary remote control for the flash heads so you can adjust every parameter, of multiple heads, from the camera position. It’s extremely convenient and a significant timesaver on busy shoots. The build quality of the covetable Profoto system is exquisite; it’s made to last and is one of the most precise flash systems I’ve ever tested.”

Read the full excerpt on Shutterbug for images and more details and visit Kubota Image Tools for more info on the book.


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