Rick Rose’s Smokey Fashion Shoot

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Rick Rose - Minerva Mendez

© 2012 Rick Rose

Rick Rose was inspired early on by the fashion and cosmetic world and is now working as a fashion, editorial, beauty and portrait photography in LA. Below, he shares some details about a smokey studio shoot.

I was aiming for an edgier look given the models we had that day, and decided to shoot on black with a smoke machine filling up the space between the model and the paper. I used a Mola Demi with a D4 head as a hair light and to bring light and contrast into the smoke. I used the Mola Setti with a D4 at a diagonal angle as to not have it cast any light on the background, which was made easier considering that you can ‘zoom’ Profoto heads within a modifier to adjust and control the light for the desired effect. The frosted glass domes over the flash tubes make the light smoother, and more pleasing than flashes that are a bare flash tube.

Rick Rose - lighting diagram

© 2012 Rick Rose

Gear used:
Hasselblad H2, Phase One P45+, HC 50 f3.5, Pocketwizard Multimax, Profoto Acute 2R 2400, 2x Profoto Acute2/D4 Flash head, Mola Setti 28 inch white BD, Mola Demi 22 inch white BD, Smoke machine, Black paper bg.

Below, a shot by a friend showing the lighting setup and a couple more shots from the same shoot.

Rick Rose - BTS

© 2012 Air Butchie

Rick Rose - LeeAnna Vamp

Rick Rose - LeeAnna

©2012 Rick Rose

To see more of Rick Rose’s work, take a look at his site, flickr, and Facebook page.

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