Strobist Interviews Miller Mobley

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Miller Mobley is a young and up-and-coming photographer based in New York. He was featured on our blog last October with a series of characteristically lit portraits. Now, Miller has returned with a new project that sparked the interest of lighting guru David Hobby AKA The Strobist.

The project in question focuses on the so-called Civil War re-enacters – people who dress up in Civil War outfits. But accordingly to Miller, it is about more than just clothes, it is about entering the life of another person in another time and place. And this transition is what he wanted to capture in his portraits.

“I knew from the beginning that I was going to need to light these in a way that could really bring out the colors and textures in the clothes, but still have great shadow fall off and drama. I wanted there to be a strong definite key light, but I also really wanted to be able to read into the shadows. I decided to use the Profoto white beauty dish as a key light with my fill being a Profoto ring flash (fired by an Acute2 1200 generator) directly attached to the tripod. I then had a medium Photoflex soft box above and behind the subject that served as a shoulder/hat light. My last light was just a Profoto head with a reflector attached positioned right behind the subject – which obviously served as the background light.”

The entire interview and more of Miller’s outstanding portraits can be found here.


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