VIDEO: The Marings’ Two Light Set-Up

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait photography

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In this video the Marings couple create two different light set-ups using a single D1 Air Kit.

In the first set-up, a Softlight Reflector White (Beauty Dish) with a Honey Comb Grid is used to light the subject, while the integrated D1 Reflector lights the background to create a striking 3D effect.

The second set-up explores a more lighthearted setting, in which the umbrella is used to light the subject, while a D1 Air is used as rim light on her shoulders and hair.

If you have missed the first video in which the Marings explains how to create two high fashion images with just a single D1 monolight, make sure to check that one out too!

More videos with the Marings can be found at the Profoto website.

Charles and Jennifer Maring’s website  is here.

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  • Eugene Struthers



    Great informative videos.

    I like the end diagrams.

    It is a great pity, you didn’t show your light F stop exposure settings for these videos. Example: F/8 @ 1/125 or 1/160 ISO 100 to 200.

    This would assist you explanation in your diagrams.

    Still enjoyed watching them though.


    Eugene Struthers


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