XinZhao Li’s Rare Portraits of the Tajik People

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait photography

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Tafline Laylin at the Green Prophet website has written a short but sweet article about Chinese photographer XinZhao Li, who recently travelled to the remote region of  Taskurgan to document the Tajik people.

“Taskurgan is an unforgiving place,” writes Tafline. “Located at 10,140 feet in the Pamir mountain range on the borders of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, close to Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, this small autonomous Kashgar Prefecture county in Xinjiang, China is cold, the winters are long, and food is hard to come by. But out of such a place emerged a fascinating culture. The ethnic Tajiks and their simple, tribal way of life are not well known to the outside world, however, something that Chinese photographer XinZhao Li sought to change.”

XinZhao used a large-format Hasselblad and Profoto lighting to create her beautiful portraits.

Click here to read the article.

The see the entire portrait series, click here.


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  • Wally Kilburg


    Hey, it’s Feburary, no new light shaping tool of the month?


  • Bryan Siebel


    When did Hasselblad start making large format cameras?


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