Earl Richardson gets his Wish

Written by Ron Egatz on . Posted in Product photography

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Earl RichardsonPhotographer Earl Richardson of Lawrence, Kansas seems like a nice guy who just happens to be crazy about Profoto. In his recent blog post, Richardson details his love for the Profoto AcuteB2 AirS Li. In this post, he describes his switch to Profoto, and concludes,

Maybe they’ll put me on their blog and it’ll bring some business. I’d even take a free light modifier. Hell, I’d be happy to be a spokesmodel. If you’re passionate about great design and great lighting, check out Profoto lighting at profoto.com.

Check out more of Richardson’s photography at his site. Go, Earl!


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  • Max Chesnokov


    May be he is a nice, his photo’s does not give any impression about how Great is PROFOTO!


  • Earl Richardson


    I had never shot with Profoto before an assignment in Portland last summer. Instead of hauling Elinchrom gear halfway across the country, I rented a Profoto 7B kit. I immediately fell in love with the kit. However, because, I didn’t need quite that much power, I ordered a couple of Pro AcuteB2 AirS Li kits while I was at the airport, waiting to fly back to Kansas City. Later in 2011, I purchased a D1 Air kit. Just by holding Profoto gear, you can tell immediately how much better built it is than anything I’d ever used before. It’s well-designed, well-made and a joy to use. I picked up a Profoto Ring Flash recently for use with the Acute packs and I absolutely love it. I also purchased a 3’x4′ Profoto softbox. It is so much better built than any Plume box I’ve ever owned or used. And the quality of the light is amazing. I wish I hadn’t waited so many years to buy Profoto. It’s all I’ll ever use now. Keep up the great work.


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