Peter Belanger: Complicated Shoots for Hi-Tech Products

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It’s no secret that product photography is a highly specialized field that requires a lot of technical knowledge, both for the shoot itself and for the post production. Hi-tech products, with their highly reflective surfaces and subtle textures, provide additional challenges. Watch, in the timelapse video above, as Peter Belanger tackles a shoot for the cover of Macworld.

© Peter Belanger

© Peter Belanger

Although his subject, the iPhone 3GS is small, Peter uses up to 9 Acute/D4 Heads at once with both grids and reflectors, more than plenty of photographers would use to light a whole person! A 3 D4 packs provide power to the sea of c-stands and strobes.

This shoot is from 2009, but Peter is still going strong and perfecting his craft. To learn more about his process and the the thinking behind his work, check out an interview he did over on The Verge. See more of his work at


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  • Nick Cockman


    Great video! having struggled with reflections on shiny tech items in the past it’s very interesting to see all of the additional reflectors & diffusers that you use in the shoot – thanks for sharing.


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