British Journal of Photography Reviews the Profoto Giant Reflector 180

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British Journal of Photography Reviews the Profoto Giant Reflector 180Editor Simon Bainbridge at The British Journal of Photography has published a review of his experience with the Profoto Giant Reflector 180 by writer Michael Roscoe

In this thoughtful, detailed review, Roscoe goes into detail not just on the reflector itself, but on light shapers—what kind of photographer uses them and why. Wouldn’t it be great if all gear reviewers put in time like this?

It’s clear Roscoe not only put the Profoto Giant Reflector 180 through it’s paces, but he actually got creative with it. He describes his work with a model, the other gear he used (D4 1200 generator with a Pro Head, and an Avenger Super Wind Up 29), and details the many types of light he was able to achieve.

The time he took to experiment with the Giant Reflector 180 compelled him to write, among other things:


It’s simple enough to get a classic wraparound lighting effect in no time, however, after spending a little more time with it, the possibilities become more and more varied. It is good for lighting large building interiors or automobiles as much as fashion shoots.

Glad you enjoyed this big light shaper, Michael! Definitely worth reading the complete review, and you can see his own photography at his site. Cheers!

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