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Steve Bedell of Shutterbug Magazine published a review on the Profoto D1 Air and 1.5×3 HR Softbox entitled “A Unique Light & Light Modifier.”

His first impression? “…it just looks plain cool!”

After some initial tests, Steve sets up the softbox and starts shooting. It immediately strikes him that the softbox’s asymmetrical design would work well for portraiture, where light fall-off below the face and hands is desirable.

He writes:

“I used this uniquely shaped box on several sessions and the more I used it, the more I liked it. It’s a valuable tool for portrait and commercial photographers because it allows for a fast light drop-off without resorting to vignetting or blocking the light with cardboard or other devices. The narrow shape gave me great control in making a perfect fit between my subject and the light.”

To see images and read the full review, head over to the post on Shutterbug. See more of Steve’s work on his site.


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