Fstoppers Reviews our Brand New Collapsible Reflectors

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The very first review of our brand new Collapsible Reflectors has been published. It is the good people over at Fstoppers that have tried and tested them. And they like them.

The review was done by photographer David Bickley, who brought the Collapsible Reflectors and two models with him to a luxurious apartment for some beautiful portraiture work.

David starts the review by saying:

“A reflector is a reflector. Right? That was my first thought when I was asked to be the first to review Profoto’s new line of collapsible reflectors. ”It’s a reflector, are you serious?” I mean come on, in what possible way could this be any different from everything else I’ve used? A reflector is a reflector. However, obviously I said yes and here we are…and I was wrong. So very, very wrong.”

He concludes with saying:

“Overall I love this line of collapsibles. They are sturdy, comfortable and easy to control even for the inexperienced on set. I really just want to give the design team a big high-five for doing so well where every other reflector design has fallen short.”

Head over to Fstoppers for the full story.

We also recommend checking out David’s beautiful website.

If you want to learn more about our Collapsible Reflectors, head over to our website or check out our latest Light Shaping Tool of the Month piece.


©David Bickley

©David Bickley


©David Bickley


©David Bickley

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    Been using the same car window sun blocker for 2 yrs. cost me 8$.


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