REVIEW: Profoto D4 Air by Photo Arts Monthly

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D4 Air on Photo Arts MonthlyProfoto Arts Monthly has published an in-depth review of the Profoto D4 Air written by Matt Beardsley. The introduction to the piece includes the following paragraph:

“The Profoto D4 Air, then, is an awesome combination of both Profoto’s latest in-pack full asymmetry and sophisticated on-camera control. It is a versatile tool for fine-tuned light, offering quick-control and the flexibility of a wide range of power. It is both easy to use and thoroughly capable and, as we proved through nearly two months of hard testing, a robust pack, ready for the day-to-day beating of professional studio and location photography.”

In the review, Beardsley goes into considerable detail, from the D4 Air’s rubber feet to it’s controls. A series of test shoots were done to accurately review the unit, and the author carefully documents how it performed. He also does an admirable job describing how the D4 Air fits into the Profoto line and its market position.

Beardsley concludes his review with the following:

“Profoto’s innovative D4 Air is a sophisticated strobe pack with the power, flexibility, and performance to delivery well-lit photography in the studio or on location. It has amazing asymmetry and dial-down range as well as a few useful digital tricks. The pack is only hindered by a high price point and a little extra bulk. Highly recommended!”

Read Photo Arts Monthly’s complete review of the Profoto D4 Air here.

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  • Andreas Timm


    This is a great pack! Is there an option to upgrade the pocket wizard version (US version) to Profoto Air? What would be the cost and who does the service?


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