The Phoblographer on the D1 Studio Kit

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D1 Studio Kit Air

The Phoblographer has switched things up with a higher-end gear review, as demanded by that site’s loyal readers. Check out their assessment of the Profoto D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Air.

The article goes into considerable detail on the monolight, Air Remote unit, and how the whole system stands up to a studio shoot featuring men’s shoes.

In summary, they declare the D1 Studio Kit 500/500 “a really great kit.” They conclude, in part, with:

I would recommend it to anyone that needs a portable, flexible and reliable kit. It would also be a good starter kit for anyone that wants to get into Profoto equipment and prefers monolights over bulky generators. You can start with this kit and add heads or modifiers as you can. If you need more power you can consider the 1000 watt kit and if your uses are simple and you want to save some money there’s the 250 watt as well.

Thanks, Phoblographer, and keep up the great work!

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  • Chris Gampat


    Hey there,

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the loaner and the shout out. You guys make some excellent products!

    -Chris Gampat
    Editor in Chief
    The Phoblographer


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