The Phoblographer reviews the Acute2R Value Pack

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About two months ago, the continuously growing site The Phoblographer published their first high-end review. The product in question was the Profoto D1 Studio Kit, and the review warmly recommended the kit to those who are looking for a starter kit or a reliable on-location kit. The review can still be found here.

Yesterday, The Phoblographer returned with an in-depth review of the Acute2R Value Pack, which includes a lightweight Acute2R 1200 flash pack, 2 Acute/D4 Heads and a Tenba carrying case. The reviewer had also got his hand on an Acute/D4 ring flash for the shoot.

The review can be found here, and if you feel like taking the shortcut, you will found a short excerpt below. Enjoy!

This kit is not going to be for everyone because of the price. It’s a very high-end kit and it carries with it the same sort of price you would imagine. However, if you are one of those that can pick this up or maybe even rent it for a project at a time, you won’t be disappointed. […] If you’re just looking to get into the lighting game or maybe purchasing equipment for a new studio, the Value Pack would be a smart decision you have a little money to throw down. After trying the Ringflash, I’m in love and it is now on my must-haves for the near future.


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