Silver & Light, Part III

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Even though every Profoto product was designed with a purpose, we encourage and support creatives who find new ways of using them. Ian Ruhter is one of those photographers. Ian 
uses powerful Profoto strobes to rejuvenate the old wet plates technique . He is currently traveling around his home country, photographing the places and the people who live there in this never-before-seen fashion. We will follow him on this journey in a series of articles, written by Ian himself. This is the third part of his story.

The American Dream video was shot in Los Angeles, CA, this was the first stop in our journey throughout America. When I began working on the Silver & Light project I was living in Los Angeles. I knew I was going to have to go back to the beginning, the place where the idea was born. In the process of going back I was filled with fear and doubt. I had spent the past two years creating a giant camera; more importantly I was building on my dream. I packed all my hopes and dreams and drove off in to the un-known.

LA City | ©Ian Ruhter

The first plate we made was of the LA skyline. I was standing there looking at the fence separating me from the city; it was not so much as a physical obstacle but a mental one.

Years before this day I had written this quote: “There is a point in every person’s life when they must choose to follow their dreams or be stuck in the life they fear.” After years of hearing these words in my head the day had finally come, life forced me to make a decision on the path I would choose.

©Ian Ruhter

The American Dream video is based on the fear of success, this thought is extremely powerful, fear has the ability to cripple us from pursuing our dreams. The moment I embraced my dreams it was as if the universe had drawn people to help us and share their stories. After capturing these stories, I realized how we are all connected. I was not alone.

©Ian Ruhter

Some would say it was fate that I was led to Oscar Loreto. Oscar reminds me that being disabled is a state of mind. He is the proof that we are all looking for, he overcame and pursued his dreams regardless of the hand he was dealt. From this concept, the name of the project was born.

Written by Ian Ruhter
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©Ian Ruhter


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