VIDEO: Michael Muller’s Waterproof Studio

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Water and electricity are not good for humans. We don’t condone or encourage in any way the act of Profoto heads held over the head of a brave assistant standing in a river. We’ve covered other water-related stories, such as when Marcel Lämmerhirt shot some stunning photos of wakeboarding for us using the new Pro-B4, but that was all from the safety of dry land.

That wasn’t enough for Michael Muller, who customized a 1200 watt Profoto head to be entirely waterproof. He then built a barge, really a floating cooler, to house the Pro-7b generators and threw them, his assistants, 120 feet of cable, and some talented surfers into the sea.

Michael only exploded one light, but got some pretty unique shots. His creation, he says, allows him to take an entire studio setup into the ocean. Pretty cool—and dangerous—we might mention. Don’t try this at home!

See more of Michael Muller’s work (now with more sharks!) on his site. For more details, see the post on Transworld Surf. If you prefer your photography features in print, check out the December 2012 issue of PDN Magazine.


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  • Murray


    What happened to the stills? Cool “BTS” video but it would have been nice to see some as part of this post.


  • gillian


    Hi, M. GERTZ ON . This is first time I know about Michael Muller’s Waterproof Studio . It is really wonderful . BTS video also interesting and i like it. I want to know about waterproofing roof and roof coating. I found some contractors from different sites.


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