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TTL & HSS for Olympus.

Written by Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén on . Posted in News

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Profoto today announce our collaboration with Olympus. The first step in this collaboration is the Profoto Air Remote TTL-O. You can now order the Air Remote TTL-O straight from your dealer. With the remote you wirelessly integrate your Profoto AirTTL flash with your camera allowing you to shoot in TTL and HSS. Light is the essence of every image and with Profoto AirTTL light shaping becomes simpler. It unlocks new creative possibilities and helps you go from idea to final image faster.

To order, find your dealer here.

Compatible cameras:
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II
Olympus PEN-F

Read more about the Air Remote TTL-O and the AirTTL flashes.


Rising Light:
Aman Shakya

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Rising light

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© Aman Shakya


Aman Shakya’s love affair with photography began back in 2012 while going for a degree in Information Technologies at a school in Thailand. He quickly noted he had an eye for form, texture, and composition, and most tellingly – he was getting lots of positive feedback from friends and others who saw his photographs. Photography enabled him to interpret the world around him in a way that greatly appealed to him. Before long it was ‘Bye-bye IT’.

Shakya was wise enough to understand if he wanted to shoot full time he had to have a better handle on lighting so he started looking around for a good school. Well-staffed art schools offering degrees in photography are non-existent in his native Nepal and the choices in Thailand weren’t much better. While searching for alternative choices the name SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) popped up frequently, and after careful consideration he decided to give it a go.

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In the spotlight: Who is Flóra Borsi?

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© Flóra Borsi


In the spotlight is an article series featuring up-and-coming shutterbugs that are about to put their mark on the world. Allow us introduce photographer and visual artist Flóra Borsi, wildly celebrated for her stunning self-portraits.

Self-taught super-talent Flóra Borsi defines herself as a photographer and a visual artist. She is praised for her fascinating self-portraits and rose to fame with her series Animeyed, where she creates stunningly beautiful pictures utilizing her incredible skills as a retoucher and image creator.

Looking at her portfolio, it is hard to believe that she is still a student at Moholy Nagy University in Budapest. Creative post-production and skillful photography go hand in hand for this 23 year-old autodidact, who has been working with Photoshop since she was 11.

“I’ve always liked to draw so my sister gave me a subscription to Photoshop for me to play around with. I didn’t know how to use it at first; I was just trying out the features and randomly pushing buttons. Over the years I’ve learnt more and more by experimenting and watching tutorials.”

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Sue Bryce creates her own natural light with the Profoto B1

Written by Seth Chandler on . Posted in #ProfotoTakeover, Portrait photography, Videos

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Los Angeles-based portrait photographer Sue Bryce has spent decades creating contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture that makes everyday women look like Vanity Fair fashion models. And she built an international reputation using natural light almost exclusively. Recently, though, she has fallen in love with the Profoto B1.

“When I first started shooting portraits 27 years ago, I used softboxes and vaseline on the lens and soft vignettes,” Sue recalls. “But the modern turn was removing the old style studio lights leaving the 80s behind and developing a natural light look.

“Then, for more than 20 years, my whole business has been built around shooting portraits inside but around a window and around window light,” she explains.

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#ProfotoTakeover: Dayron Vera and “The VIII”

Written by Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén on . Posted in #ProfotoTakeover, Fine art photography, Portrait photography

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© Dayron Vera

Every month we feature a photographer on our global Instagram account for #ProfotoTakeover. The first week of January we dedicate to professional ballet dancer turned photographer Dayron Vera, who shot an artistic interpretation of Henry VIII, simply called “The VIII”.

Based in Barcelona, Dayron Vera’s focus on dance photography came naturally. Being a professional ballet dancer has given him an understanding of movement that enables him to capture his subjects with perfect timing. He started to shoot because of his urge to freeze movement and making it last forever, and at the same time transmit the feeling that the dancers in his images still keep on moving.

“I started with photography behind the stage, taking pictures of my mates. Soon I realized I that I needed to step up my game if I was going to really capture movement in the artistic way I wanted. That’s when I started shooting in studio with Profoto flashes.”

Besides ballet photography, Dayron has a great passion for portrait photography, which shines through in his portfolio. Following Dayron this week during the #ProfotoTakover you will see how he captures the essence of the people in front of my camera.

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